LYK Projects


With the ability to accommodate a chain of many stores, we not only concentrate on aesthetics but also focus on exploiting the multi-use potential of each light angle to save maximum budget for customers.


With a focus on a team of highly trained technicians and lighting consultants, LYK’s interior lights are capable of conquering and exploring any design concept, material with boldness. spectacularly bold but still suitable for the owner’s intentions


The purpose of the lighting is not only a reasonable and beautiful layout, but also a combination of emotional and local cultural elements to raise the level of hotels and resorts to the 5-star level of luxury standards. important and unique


By taking light as the highlight, LYK takes care of the aesthetic values ​​in every corner of the restaurant, “patching” the soul of diners through subtle elements in an intriguing space with optimized lighting design


With large-scale projects with investment in lighting and high-class design like Metro, LYK easily helps customers optimize costs with a strict management process to bring quality lighting solutions. quality that is durable over time.

“The art of lighting arrangement is to breathe life into the interior space”.