360-Degree Shaped Decorative LED Light

360-Degree Shaped Decorative LED lights are a unique type of interior and exterior decorative lights with lenses that help focus light to form a frame around surrounding objects. The lights create decorative light edges for architectural elements such as windows, wall frames, and recesses.


Product Description

360-Degree Shaped Decorative LED Light

Decorative 360-Degree Shaped LED lights can be installed in various locations and surfaces to create circular light lines, serving as focal points or avoiding monotony in architecture. With an IP66 waterproof rating, the product can be installed outdoors in locations that are not prone to water accumulation. The light produced by the 360-degree decorative LED lights comes from LEDs through enhanced brightness lenses, ensuring no harm to the illuminated materials, similar to laser beams.

Đèn led trang trí tạo hình 360 độ

360-Degree Shaped Decorative LED LightĐèn led trang trí tạo hình 360 độ360-Degree Shaped Decorative LED Light