Pathway lights ODL009

ODL009 Pathway Light is the perfect combination of elegant design and outstanding light performance. Equipped with advanced CREE XPE technology with a power of 1x3W, ODL009 produces warm yellow light with a brightness of 120 lm, creating a warm and friendly space.
With its pure aluminum material and brushed silver paint, the product not only showcases beauty but also ensures durability and sturdiness. The lamp size is just 55mm in diameter and 110mm in height, making it easy to integrate into any space, from walkways to important areas. With IP65 dust and water resistance, it ensures stable operation under all weather conditions.


Product Description

Specification Pathway lights ODL009

Item No.: ODL009
Lamp Type: CREE XPE
Watt: 1x3W
CCT.: 3000K
Lumens: 120 lm
Beam Angel: N/A
Material: Pure aluminium
Finishing: brushed silver
Lamp Size: D55 H110
IP Rating: IP65
Installation: wall recessed


Installation instructions Pathway lights ODL009